Young people do care about privacy, despite what Mark Zuckerberg and George Brandis say | ABC News

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Millennials don’t care about privacy because they share (or overshare) their life on social media, right? But it’s not actually that simple. A new survey sheds some light on what young Australians really think about online privacy. The survey of 1,600 people, commissioned by the digital rights and governance group at the University of Sydney, asked […]

Internet accessibility and disability policy: lessons for digital inclusion and equality from Australia | Gerard Goggin, Scott Hollier, Wayne Hawkins

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In the fifth decade of the internet, accessibility for all, especially those with disabilities, is central to digital inclusion. Yet internationally, the score card on internet and accessibility remains mixed, at best; and woefully inadequate, at worst. Via an Australian case study, we argue that it is imperative to better understand how internet technology interacts […]

Is Facebook a site of political engagement for young people? | Ariadne Vromen

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There can be little doubt that the institutions and practices of modern representative government have been subject to growing disillusionment from young citizens. A reluctance to vote at elections, join political parties or have a high regard for their politicians, all suggest that many young people are turning away from formal politics in many countries. […]