Is Facebook a site of political engagement for young people? | Ariadne Vromen

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There can be little doubt that the institutions and practices of modern representative government have been subject to growing disillusionment from young citizens. A reluctance to vote at elections, join political parties or have a high regard for their politicians, all suggest that many young people are turning away from formal politics in many countries. […]

New style lobbying: how GetUp! channels Australians’ voices into politics | Ariadne Vromen

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GetUp!’s 2016 election campaign has claimed a big win. An online petition to save the Great Barrier Reef, started by 11-year-old Sophia on GetUp!’s citizen-led site CommunityRun, received public acknowledgement from its target: international celebrity Ellen DeGeneres. GetUp! claimed Ellen’s announcement as a win for its five-year campaign to stop dredging and new coal mines […]

Removing social media hate speech within 24 hours sounds like a good idea, but… | Fiona Martin, David Rolph

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In a bid to fight escalating anti-migrant propaganda, the this month released a blueprint for regulating online hate, which requires social media companies to take down racist material within 24 hours. This joint code of conduct sounds like a positive political compromise. But it’s unclear how it will work in practice and how it will […]

Why Facebook needs to do more to protect you from online abuse | Fiona Martin, Jonathon Hutchinson

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It took some persuading, but Facebook has agreed to join an international social media task force to help combat online hate in the wake of anti-refugee xenophobia on its pages. It’s a good outcome for the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and her Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, who last week called on Facebook to remove racist […]